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furnace bricklayer (m/f)asapworldwideFM-TZ-1606-01

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About the Job: bricklayer & chimney builder (m/f)

You are e.g. a bricklayer and plan to stick out more over the refractory service?

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Activities: bricklayer (fireproof mason)

In the furnace industry the refractory service and insulating materials play a major role. Supporting structures of furnaces and combustion plants of any kind are to be protected up to 1400 ° C and more before the occurring there high temperatures. Not only in the chemical and ceramic and in the cottage industries, in refineries, steam generators, etc., the know-how of a furnace and chimney farmer is in demand. Construction of chimneys for industry, district heating plants, cogeneration plants, etc., associated flues, refractory linings for furnaces, etc., to the production of the refractory lining in waste incineration plants are among their tasks. Modern formwork is constructed, modern conveyor systems and special machinery for the manufacture of concrete used. Furnace and chimney builder working at various job sites and build or modernize chimneys, exhaust systems and more. They usually work in Germany or internationally in the industrial or commercial construction.