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Recent job offers – Westfalen Feuerfest GmbH

You are by professional trained furnace bricklayer? You love the Furnace and are looking for a new perspective and a secure position? Then look it out for more information on our career site to see if the right job you suits ?! Gladly you can us but also at any time send a spontaneous application!

Recent job offers

Interesting facts about the Furnace

Fire … one of the four elements of our lives. The furnace enviroment plays a quite important role in the life of humanity. For this, professional and powerful furnaces needed. And not out wisely to set the corresponding requirements regarding the safety and environmental protection which are very high, especially in furnace installations. Machinery and aggregates different types of furnace are therefore of professional companies as planned us, for example, built and put into operation. Even the construction of a furnace is an art in itself, because in addition to the selection of a suitable furnace, there is a tunnel, chamber or roller kiln, only certain refractory materials may be used. In addition, arrangement and concreting often need to be made before a furnace can be used. With us you can expect!