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New look

Westfalen Feuerfest in a new look

New look??? Fireproof ??? Yes of course … 100% and usually much more!

As you certainly have noticed, we have decided to present us in a new look and time-adapted design / layout in the great world wide web. What everything else has changed at the Westfalen Feuerfest GmbH we would like to be in the future also be notified about this. Our new NEWS page are always current and useful information about the Westfalen Refractories GmbH. The themes are in various fields such as etc. broken jobs or updates and immediately spread also easy via the social networks quickly. We also offer this also thought of a responsive design so we will also give mobile display optimally on your smartphone or tablet. Here we would like to always entertain you and offer you something more than our competitors.

So stay from now up to date in terms of the refractory! Visit us therefore from time to time.

New look